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Spa Etiquette

Welcome to Hammam! We want you be relaxed, pampered, and rejuvenated during your treatment. For an authentic experience, we ask that you spend a few minutes to read the following etiquette guidelines below:

BE EARLY: Please arrive at least ten to fifteen minutes prior to your appointment, especially if it’s your first treatment at Hammam as you will need extra time to complete our customer form. We remind you that late arrivals will not receive any extension of treatment time.


ARE YOU IN GOOD HEALTH?: Upon booking your appointment, it is your responsibility to inform any Hammam staff or the receptionist of any health conditions that you think may be of concern. Closer to the appointment, if you feel unwell, please provide as much notice as possible to the receptionist to re-schedule your appointment.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR VALUABLES: Hammam will not be responsible for the safety of your valuables and belongings. Please try to leave all valuables at home. A four digit code locker is provided for your convenience. We strongly encourage you to leave all electronic devices in your locker. You will be briefed on how to set up your personal access code.

BE MODEST: Please be mindful of other Hammam guests and staff by not exposing your body unnecessarily. If your Hammam robe does not provide adequate coverage, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance. Before a massage, your therapist will leave the room momentarily while you undress and slip into the sheets on the spa table. Our therapists are trained to ensure that your body is adequately draped and only exposed when receiving therapy to guarantee comfort and modesty.

BE GUIDED: Please respect the time limit of your treatment. The spa treatments in Hammam are specially designed and customised. In this regard, we ask that you be guided by your Hammam therapist throughout your treatment.


LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND: Hammam is a place of retreat and relaxation; as such, we request your cooperation to kindly turn off or silence your mobile phone. This will enhance the overall experience for yourself and other guests in Hammam.


BE COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN: Leave all your stress and worries behind as you step out of your everyday clothes and slip on your Hammam robe. For extra comfort, we provide disposable underwear and slippers. You are encouraged to remove all jewellery and make-up before your treatment.

YOUR FEELINGS MATTER: Please feel free to communicate with your therapist during your treatment to let her know how you are feeling, especially if you are uncomfortable or something is amiss. Your feedback will allow the therapist to adjust your treatment to suit your preference.

BE TRANQUIL: Hammam guests are here to relax and rejuvenate. Please be mindful to use soft tones, and do not speak loudly as to disrupt the peaceful ambience.

NO SMOKINGHammam is strictly a smoke-free zone.

REACH OUT: Each Hammam has its own unique and specific procedures and rules. If you are unsure, please ask the receptionist or our staff.

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