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Moroccan Beauty Recipes


Ancient Moroccan beauty recipes of natural ingredients keep it utterly authentic.


Beldi Black Soap: Velvety, soft beauty soap made with olives. Swells the epidermis and sponges up impurities when applied in the hammam. Prepares skin for vigorous exfoliation.


Argan, "Nature’s Liquid Gold": Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the argan fruit tree, local only to Morocco. It takes 18 hours of manual work to extract just one litre of oil. Argan is a rich source of Vitamin E, more so than olive oil, and is highly valued for its hydrating, anti ageing qualities when used as a massage oil.


Rhassoul: Moroccan volcanic clay mined from the Atlas mountains. It thickens hair keratin; and remineralises, detoxifies, and softens skin when used

as a body mask.


Henna: Henna adds healthy shine to skin and is renowned for its antibacterial qualities.


Masque Eclat: A brightening mask made from a melange of 20 plant extracts and minerals. Traditionally used by brides and nobility for glowing and healthy complexion. Purifies, diminishes small wrinkles, and brightens all skin types.


Damascus Rose: The Damascus rose is grown in Morocco’s famous rose capital, El Kelaa des M’Gouna. The Damascus rose soothes and harmonises the mind, hydrates the skin, while having an antiseptic action. It's was also used in ancient times to instil love. Experience this in Hammam's signature beauty products that feature a soothing rose floral water mist; a fragrant Geranium shampoo; as well as shower gels made from cooling Rosemary, zesty Pamplemousse and spicy Bitter Orange. 

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