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The Hammam

Feel your stress and worries melt away as the delicate Hammam steam raises your temperature slowly as you stretch out and recline in the luxurious surroundings of beautifully heated Moroccan tiles. You will soon feel the soothing warmth and comfort of the gentle heat seeping into your bones, sore muscles and joints, releasing all tension and cares of everyday life. Its therapeutic steam combined with all natural Moroccan beauty potions and oils will clear your lungs, stimulate blood circulation and remove toxins as you gently perspire. Indulge your senses listening to the gentle splashing and tinkling of water flowing and let your consciousness drift back to your very essence, your deepest being.


At Hammam, we offer myriad experiences through our extensive and authentic Hammam rituals and treatments, uniquely designed to suit your every mood and need. Rest and repose at the end of the rituals in peace and quiet enveloped in our Hammam fluffy robe, in specially designed Moroccan styled relaxation rooms, taking in the scents that will lift and calm your spirits as you sip a glass of Moroccan mint tea and nibble on honeyed pastries. Emerge from Hammam each time fresh with inexplicable new sensations, leaving you wanting for your next ritual to begin! Life is wonderful when you are one in body, mind, and spirit. 

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